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Let's Share Ideas!

Project | 01

This has BY FAR been our most exciting endeavor as fourth graders this year!  We have done a few project this year and are looking forward to much more.  So far we have built a roving robot and are working on using them in tandem to pull a sled of heavy objects.  The kiddos love these activities and we are looking forward to trying some of the builds that are connected to our science standards next!

vacab 1.PNG
Project | 02
Word Work Choice Board​

As Daily 5 users, we do Word Work every day in our classroom.  Our focus is on vocabulary from our class novels and learning Greek and Latin roots.  Students use this choice board in order to help them work on these skills throughout the week and to prepare them for their Friday quizzes.  These activities work for any word list.  

Project | 03
Fractions 6 Ways!

This resource has been a game changer for us as we work through the many different fraction skills that are a part of our fourth grade standards.  This is a warm-up for us two or three times a week.  We start out just filling out one or two boxes to review skills from 3 grade.  As we learn new skills, we add boxes.  The kiddos roll a fraction die and work in groups of four or five to complete the boxes.  One group is then chosen at random to teach their fraction to the class.  If the group struggles with one of the boxes, we work as a whole group to help them complete it.

To see more or discuss possible work let's talk >>
Project | 04
GATE Parent Presentation

I am currently diving into courses that will result in a GATE certification.  One of our projects was to create a parent presentation that could be used at a back-to-school night, conferences, and other related events.  Please feel free to use it if you like it!  It is a public Prezi link.

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