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Long Term

My long term goal is to further my ability to use higher level depth of knowledge questions in order to encourage students’ growth academically as well as encourage their academic perseverance.  As I continue to gain confidence with the 4th grade curriculum I am looking forward to continuing to create resources and incorporate hands-on activities.  I am looking forward to using technology in more lessons and working on more engineering and critical thinking skills.  

Favorite Things


Daily Five



Switching to a new grade level was a big hurdle for me in my second year of teaching.  It has been so amazing to work through this curriculum with these kiddos and learn with them as I learn 


I am looking forward to continuing to attend as many conferences and trainings as I can in order to further my understanding and knowledge of the teaching profession.  I have attended tech conferences, a GATE certification program, a Daily 5 Conference, and have been trained in Lego WEDO ans Lego SPIKE.  I can't wait to keep moving forward and honing in my skilss as an educator.

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